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Old 04-08-2010, 02:16 PM
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Default Rockbox: Choosing an audio format to maximize battery life

I've been thinking about converting my music into something that will give me maximum battery life on my Fuze (And a Clip+ in the near future). I've been using aoTuV b5.5-5.7 at -q2 (96 kbps)for nearly a year now. While the music is (just barely) ABX-able, I didn't hear any annoying artifacts.

I'm most interested in Musepack, as it requires less power than both Vorbis and LAME, and it is also gapless. The only problem is a "seeking issue" I came across in a few threads, of which, I am not completely enlightened. The Q3 (90 kbps) setting is easily ABX-able with the presence of the insufferable metallic noise, but it's gone at Q4 (128 Kbps). Still somewhat ABX-able, but I wouldn't be able to tell outside the test.

Or, there's LAME, which I'm not too familiar with. Will these files play gaplessly without having to make alterations in the metadata? Will the difference between LAME and Musepack be negligible? What about the difference between low-bit rate q2 Vorbis files and standard-bit rate (~160 kbps) LAME files? To me, a 1-2 hour decrease in battery is negligible, but I have a feeling Vorbis eats much more than that (even at low bit rates).

Thanks for any help.
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