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Default A few general questions on the Clip+

Hi there,

after the sudden death of my sturdy Sansa e280 (broken display), I'm looking into buying a Clip+. After reading on this player, some questions remain:

  • Wheel: Can you scroll with the Clip+ without pressing the buttons, i.e. is there some kind of wheel? If so, does it have "scrolling acceleration", which means that after scrolling for some time it will go faster?
  • Starting with specific song, then continue randomly: Is there a way to browse an album and start a song, then have random songs played from any album afterwards? On the other hand, can you play songs randomly, but when you encounter a song from an album you like, continue with that album seamlessly?
  • Random playback: What's the fastest way to activate/deactivate random playback while a song is playing? Is there a quick key for that?
  • Battery life: In the ABI Clip+ review 15 hours of battery life are mentioned. However, in these forums I also read about several people complaining about lower battery life. How widespread is that problem? Has that problem possibly been fixed in production? I would be playing mostly 128kbps MP3s.
  • Clip: I usually slide my e280 into my pocket - is this still possible with the Clip+ (without breaking the clip) in case I don't get used to "clipping" it somewhere?
  • Incidental button pressing: Only interesting if worn inside a pocket, but yeah, has anybody noticed to have pressed keys incidentally? I know there is a lock function, but de- and reactivating can be cumbersome when you only quickly want to skip a track.

Thanks in advance!

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