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Default YouTube app on X1060


Bought the X1060 on Friday and have been getting used to it since then. So far though I haven't been able to access the Internet or YouTube. Basically when I try to get onto Youtube, the player finds the correct Access Point, then when I click to connect, I just get a dialog box with 'Connecting. Please wait.' And no further. Then 'Could not connect to network. Verify the access point settings then try again'. Any ideas? I obviously have the LAN set to 'On' and the player finds my wireless okay...

Also - album art. I'm adding this manually using WMP but was wondering if the picture quality I download makes a difference? So if I use a pic with 500 x 500 pixels, will this look better on the screen than a pic with say, 200 x 200?

Thanks in advance
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There is a firmware upgrade to improve the browser:

The X supports jpegs of up to around 600x600, but this won't look noticeably better than 300x300 on its screen.
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yeah I noticed youtube and the web-browser was much more improved with the update, the once useless youtube app actually worked for me, it pretty works as the normal video app except it removes the scene/frame scroll function at the bottom. Still, with the useless typing on the x series, only expect to be looking up the odd music video or so
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