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Default Zune HD Firmware v4.5 Feature Roundup!

There are a lot of subtle unannounced features in this last firmware update!

This thread is a place to compile all of the new features found in the v4.5 update!

Comment away!

- Smart DJ
- Native AVI and XVID support
- Marketplace on TV-Out
- Picks on-device
- Overall performance increases and smoother animations.
- Zune wakes up from sleep/standby without freezing up now (still freezes for some)
- Faster browser. Large web pages that would previously have crashed the browser now load, you can zoom in further on images without blurring, and tap-to-zoom works better.
- You can now rename favorites in the browser.
- You can now sort your favorites by date added or alphabetically.
- You can save images or take screenshots of entire web pages to the device via the browser (Images: tap and hold image, select "save to collection" Screenshot: tap and hold blank area of page, select "save page to collection" - can't save images that are hyperlinks though).
- Accelerometer use in the browser is even faster, rotating near instantly with movement.
- The device now warns you that deleting your browser history will take a while
- In the browser when zoomed in, the zoom levels stay the same from page to page (used to zoom out all the way every time you visited a new page)
- You can now delete pictures from the Zune HD
- In Artist View, you can now play all albums or songs, or add them to now playing.
- In the Marketplace you can see more than 3 of an artist’s top songs.
- Playlists now have a transparent background in Quickplay (instead of pink).
- App exit transitions now zoom out.
- Lock Screen now zooms in after Zune boots up
- Fonts in the network viewer are now in the correct capitalization.
- The transition animations are smoother when switching from sub-menus to main menu.
- Overall scrolling performance has less stutters
- Thumbnails of pretty much anything load faster
- In-App performance: Twitter overall runs smoother, but there are still performance hitches.
- Facebook is also smoother and scrolling has less stutter. Horizontal transitions are also faster and smoother as well.
- No more ads before games!!
- There are now more background pictures for artists (instead of just one)
- In the Now Playing screensaver the artist info scrolls a bit faster
- When a song is playing it now shows how much time is left (under playlist, now playing)
- You can now connect to networks with hidden SSID. (Comes up as "Hidden Network" and lets you define the SSID once you select it.

Still no WPA2 or WPA Enterprise support!!!



Oh! And hello ABI forums!

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