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Question Clip Zip vs Nokia Lumia 520


I wanted to know how the audio quality of the Sansa Clip Zip compares to the Nokia Lumia 520? I have a Rockboxed Clip Zip and the quality of audio on it is excellent. I hardly have messed around with any of the EQ settings (except for theme changes) on Rockbox and I have always been amazed how good such a tiny player actually sounds. I was wondering how the Lumia 520 sounds compared to the clear, pristine audio clarity of the Clip Zip as I've seen a few people these days using the Lumia 520 as a media player only.

If anyone here has used both and heard music on them using their headphones please share your thoughts.

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I've heard them both and don't have a problem with either. That's not surprising as both are quality music players and quality music players are more likely to sound alike than different. Quality music players are enough alike that asking for subjective opinions isn't very useful.

Asking if one has playback problems like low volume or extraneous noises that electronic testing doesn't reveal can be very useful. Based on that this is my experience.

I had one the Lumia 520 for a few hours. In that time I didn't hear any hiss or extra electronic noises that interfered with music playback. The headphones I used, in ear, circumaural and supra-aural had sufficient volume. There wasn't a overly loud pop or thump when it booted or when the music app started.

There was some noise on boot but it was relatively low. It didn't seem loud enough to put my headphones at risk.

I decided against getting one because the windows marketplace didn't have any equalizer apps I could find. Per headphone equalization is part of how I listen to music so that being absent was a deal killer.
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nokia lumia 520, sansa clip zip

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