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Default Rockbox on e280R: current build?

Hi there. I've just started educating myself about Sansa players and Rockbox. Very happy with all of it. I successfully installed Rockbox 3.5 on my Sansa e250 v. 1 player (zowee, what an exciting happening -- thanks, Rockbox developers!). I've hit a snag with my e280R player. I followed the instructions for manually installing on a Rhapsody player and got through this part, no problemo:

Step 1 - Original Sansa bootloader patching
Windows patcher
Download e200rpatcher.exe
Download and extract it somewhere on your computer
Attach your e200R to your computer in manufacturer mode (turn on the hold switch, hold select and plug in USB while continuing to hold select for about 10s)
When Windows asks for the driver, point it to the folder you extracted the driver zip file to
If Windows does not ask for a driver, it means that it has installed one automatically and you must follow these steps before continuing: (For Windows XP, other versions may vary slightly)
Right-click on My Computer, select Properties, go to the Hardware tab, and enter Device Manager.
Under Universal Serial Bus controllers, right-click USB Mass Storage Device (or something similar) and select Update Driver.
Select "No, not this time", then "Install from a list or specific location", and then "Search for the best driver in these locations" and click the "Include this location in the search" box. Now use the Browse button select the location of the drivers and click OK.
Run the e200rpatcher.exe file and follow the prompts. Your Sansa should have some text on the screen. If the last line says "(something) aborted" then head to the forums and look for threads relating to your problem.
If it says "Firmware Unlocked, Proceed to Step 2" then it was successful and you can continue.

Got the "firmware unlocked" message, and moved on.

Rockbox Installation from Windows
Make a folder named sansa on your desktop
Download the following file and place it inside the new sansa directory:
Unzip this file to receive pp5022.mi4
Rename the resulting file to OF.mi4 (Oh, not Zero - as in Original Firmware)
Right-click to download the following file and place it inside the sansa folder: pp5022.mi4
Boot up your device and connect the USB cable (make sure you have set the USB Mode to MSC/Rhapsody)
Copy pp5022.mi4 to the root of your device
Copy OF.mi4 to the system folder within your device (make sure you have set Windows to "Show hidden files" and don't "Hide protected operating system files")

Still good. Then I tried the next step, downloading a release or current build, manually, for the e200R series and I couldn't find one on I found a link for the e200R but it led nowhere. Rooted around on the site and couldn't find one anywhere else.

So I'm wondering: are they working on this build and should I just hang out and wait? or can I use any e200 build, now that the firmware's been unlocked? If I can use any e200 build, do I need to take any more steps to thoroughly convert my e200R player to the e200 vanilla version before loading rockbox?

Trying to avoid bricking the player. I backed out of the process, took OF.mi4 and pp5022.mi4 back off the player and it's currently working fine with Sansa OF.

I'm patient and good with instructions but have average computer skills.

Thanks for any help.
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