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Default Rockboxed Clip+ 8GB w Sandisk Micro 64GB "strange" problem.

Hi there,

I've had these two running together flawlessly for over 2 and a half years. Never had to reformat the card etc. Then yesterday, a whole artist folder disappeared from the Music folder on the MicroSD along with several playlists. First I tried running a recovery program (Card Recovery Pro) on the card and it did find several of the AWOL tracks. I didn't let it finish however because I didn't wish to "recover" the entire contents (55GB+) just the missing files and unless I'm mistaken I believe they would all loose their file names, tags etc when recovered this way. I also ran a disc error check on it (Windows 7) and that apparently found 290 files and put them into a "found" folder. Which then I unfortunately couldn't locate!

So to summarize, the files aren't visible on the Clip or with the Clip plugged into the PC or with the MicroSD plugged straight into the PC. I'm also pretty sure the "used space" on the card includes the missing files as it hasn't changed.

I assume this is going to be a "reformat and start again" but I just wondered if anybody has had something similar occur. As I say, it's worked perfectly since I first installed it until now.

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Flash memory devloping file system problems isn't that strange. What you've run into is why I always advise to never store the only copy of anything on flash memory. For whatever reason flash memory has been less stable for me than a HDD. That's both with Rockbox and the OF.

That's part of why any I copy to a DAP is on a one way trip. Doing it that way I don't ever have to think about recovering a corrupted files. I fix the file system and send a new set. I usually fix it using Windows but if I think the corruption is really bad I'll sometimes format.

Don't ask me what "really bad" is because I don't really have a set criteria. It's something like if it's a few kB I fix, if it's several MB I format. Your memory not being recognized by your PC would out into my really bad category. Someone that knows more about flash memory and how it stores information may say my criteria is either sensible or idiotic. So take what I'm saying as what works for me but may not be the best for anyone else.

If Windows found that many errors there's a good chance that at least some of the files won't play properly any more. I'd give up on attempting file recovery and just format it, reinstall Rockbox and start over.

When you reinstall Rockbox I'd use the development build. There's been a number of improvements in the last 2 1/2 years that include a decent increase in battery life.
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Thanks for your reply. Fortunately everything I have apparently lost, I have elsewhere - barring the few playlists that vanished too. However, I think I'm going to copy the contents of the Micro SD, then format it, then copy it back and then finally replace the missing files.
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