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Default m3u To pla/plp Converter - Free to All

I was frustrated, like all of you, in trying to create Playlists on my Sansa e270...but I have a cool lead software developer to assist me in times of trouble.

Here is rev. 1 of m3u2pla.exe

My configuration:
  • Sansa e270 in MSC mode (should work in MTS also)
  • Use MediaMonkey to create .m3u playlists and move files to the e270 (or use any other program you wish)
  • Run m3u2pla.exe - it is a .NET program so it must be installed - only 37K program
  • Drag-and-Drop a m3u file to instantly convert to a compatible pla (you can manually rename to plp if you want)
  • Browse to a subdirectory and it will convert all m3u's at once > click "Convert"
  • Copy the .pla to your e200 "Playlists" subdirectory or if the m3u files are already in the directory - no more actions are required
  • Right mouse click in the application window and you can clear the screen or save the log to a text file.

Note - when in "Browse Mode" the m3u files are not listed - just click the "Convert" button and it will run and display the results.

Program works instantly. Please post any suggestions and maybe when can implement.

Help Notes from the application:

This program will a convert .m3u file(s) to .pla file(s)
The original .m3u file is left in place.

The way to do multiple playlists is to browse to a folder that has .m3u files, then press "Convert".

You may also convert .m3u files by doing a drag-n-drop from Windows Explorer to this display area.

Note: Whenever a .pla file is created, any existing .pla file will be overwritten without notice.

The assumption is that you made the .m3u files using your device drive and the mp3 files are in the correct folders. The program will strip any drive references and format correctly. It is also e200 centric because it sets the path to HARP, MUSIC\ instead of HDD, SYSTEM\MUSIC. Future releases may include a config file so you can set this value and use with any MP3 player that supports pla/plp playlists.




"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there."
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Updated version of the program 07.06.06 - Release Notes:

20060706 1.0.2378

Cool new icon- Shepard Fairey "Obey" Icon

Dialog is now non-resizeable (shouldn't have been)

Hid "leading slash" checkbox (default was fine).

Save last browsed location as starting point rather than "my music".


Updated version of the program 09.21.06 - Release Notes:
20060921 1.0.2455

Removes leading drive letter if present. Apparently MediaMonkey
does this for you. Other .m3u sources do not. Now either style
will get converted to a .pla OK.
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