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Default ZenDuck

Features three play modes:

Chase Ducks
Chase the ducks as they fly within an invisible frame. The crosshair will stay in the center of the screen, and you will have to move it to a duck. Clicking the screen (anywhere) will shoot it.
When you have shot all of them, you will advance a level and you will get more ducks to shoot .

If you can't find your ducks, you can press and hold the screen, and it will show lines which point in the direction of the ducks' locations:
The longer the line, the further away the duck is.

Hunt Ducks
Watch the ducks fly by and move the crosshair to them to shoot them (again, by tapping the screen). You will get 10 points for a hit, and -5 for a miss. You have to hit at least 41% of the ducks to advance a level.

Very similar to Hunt Ducks, only now you can tap on the ducks to shoot them.
Thanks to dashiva76 for the name

Thanks to blikbier for the gun sound,
and I also want to thank Diddykong13, because his Falling Balls code helped me to easily load the saved highscore.

Don't shoot ducks for real because they are lovely animals. While searching the internet I found that people still do this as a hobby, which is horrible.
Instead, shoot them on your Zen .

This is my first game, so any suggestions/improvements are more than welcome

Version 2
Two game modes:
1) The game described above is now called "Chase Ducks" because you will only advance a level when you have shot all of them.
2) Second mode "Hunt Ducks" is more like the classic game. The screen is fixed and the crosshair is scrollable, and ducks will fly by at different speeds and angles.

Version 2.1
lag fixed
more efficient redrawing
And due to being requested; now also contains a tap-ducks game.

Version 2.2 --contained unsupported wave file, which crashed the player. Sorry about that, please download v2.3
background added
minor game improvements

Version 2.3
Corrected mistake.

Version 3 -in progress
accelerometer scrolling.
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