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Page Koi Pond IDE - Dev thread and Testing

Current Features:
  • Saving, Loading, all that jazz
  • Viisual Studio style intellisense
  • Tooltips for functions (with the current variable in bold :P)
  • Regex based syntax highlighting
  • Line numbers
Planned Features:
  • Design time debugging
  • Link to the simulator to easily test apps
  • Able to export in bytecode
  • Auto indenting code
  • Auto correcting code
Known Problems
  • Regex syntax highlighting is too slow when loading a large file, some other solution needed
There will be a release as soon as I iron out all bugs I find, tis hard working with both the versitillity of Lua and windows text boxes.
I'm having to explicitly handle sooo many keypresses - its getting a bit complicated. 1000+ lines of VB thusfar :P

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