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Default Somewhat basic question/s re firmware ...

Hello, new here! I have a question about firmware which, from the looks of things on this forum, is going to sound rather dumb, but I've searched and searched and haven't really found an answer. Here is is:

I think I've grasped what firmware is. What I can't quite figure is why I need it. I have a Clip, and a Clip+. I checked the versions, and for now they seem to both be the latest ones. But obviously they won't always be.

If, then, both are running fine - do I need firmware at all? I ask because I have a generalised aversion to installing Stuff I Don't Need on the comp. On the other hand, if it gives me added value, I'll probably do it.

I also want to know how big firmware is - does it hog space, or is it tiny?

And my final dumb question - does it go on the Clip itself, or on the computer? My Clip+ has a tendency to misbehave (I actually blame WMP, not the Clip - but I have to reformat it at least once a month and reload). A reformat would presumably wipe firmware off the Clip? So I'll be installing the firmware once a month, also? Can someone set me straight?

Apologies if this is all obvious to you ... ;-)

And thanks!
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firmware is basically the OS on the mp3 player and it comes with the mp3 player so you don't need to install anything.
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You need firmware because without it your mp3 player is chunk of inert plastic and silicon. You would update the firmware because a newer version fixes some bug or adds some feature you want.
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Think of firmware as the operating system on the device. Your Clip and Clip+ already have firmware installed (otherwise they wouldn't function). Firmware updates are released by SanDisk to provide new features and fix bugs present in previous firmware versions. Whether or not you choose to upgrade (when new firmware versions become available) is entirely up to you and whether you find the features added by the update desirable.

To clear up any misinformation: Firmware resides on the player. A new firmware version is not installed "in addition to" what's already on your player, it replaces the previous (pre-installed) firmware version. As such, it really doesn't take up any usable amount of space. It is also protected from formatting, so formatting the player in Windows will leave the firmware/operating system intact.

EDIT: Late post, sorry. Got distracted with my email!
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Thank you so much for the replies. I see this machine comes up with an "update firmware?" box when I plug the Clip in, which is more useful than most of the rubbish on this thing!

Good to know it will stay put when (endlessly!) formatting! Many thanks for your help.

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Originally Posted by Cara View Post
Hello, new here! ... ...I also want to know how big firmware is - does it hog space, or is it tiny? ...
First off welcome to abi and enjoy the site the size is around 5.00 MB (5,243,904 bytes), so it's tiny and it's on a hidden partition of the clip.

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I just re-read my OP ... think I should delete it for violating every rule of common sense?!

And thanks for the welcome. I love my Clips. All I need now, is a 300GB micro SD.
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