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Default Questions regarding Earphones and Playlists

It's been a good minute since I've been around, but I though I should ask a few questions again concerning the Clip.

1) I really grew accustomed to the packaged earphones that came with the Clip, and I suppose its been a good few months since I've had the clip and been satisfied. Recently they malfunctioned in someway (I assume it had to do with how I had tendency to bend the earphone cord near the root where it entered the Clip, I'm not sure). Whatever the case, I know its a problem with the earphones as I've tested them on a few other devices with the same results of drastically reduced and shallow sounding music.

Long story aside, is there anywhere to purchase the stock earphones xD? I really liked those things and can barely stand turning the Clip on and listening with these old, low quality earphones.

2) This is about tagging I assume. I recently added a Japanese soundtrack to the Clip (God Eater OST to those curious), but the Clip didn't place them together. I always listen to my music by browsing albums, but it did something it never had before this time.

The soundtrack is split into 2 discs, and on each of those discs is one track with an english title, and those are done by an artist whose name is in English. The remaining tracks on both discs have both japanese titles and artist's name. The Clip recognized the english titles as being on 2 seperate discs and seperated the "albums" as such, but everything else (about 40 or so tracks) got shoved into the "Unknown" folder under albums. I've checked the tags and everything seems right, and I removed and put the files back on the Clip with the same results. It's an annoyance which, coupled with the earphone failure, has come to grate on my nerves due to horrible coincidence.

It's a bit long-winded, but thanks for any help
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Where do you live? There may be somebody nearby willing to give you their unused stock earbuds.

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I hate to say it, because I personally don't think it's worth the time or effort, but if you like the buds so much, why not solder on a new 3.5mm plug. As far as the Japanese name tagging I can't help, but it certainly reads my Spanish tags done with mp3tag.

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You can get a 4-pack on Sansa's website they seem to look different but I think they're the same just different color:

They're $14.99.
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1) I checked and posted on Craigslist and sent a few emails to people that I know at least owned Fuze's and Clip's, but I might end up either purchasing a new pair of earbuds (new brand) or buying and trying the one's eboyer93 posted.

2) I tried opening the files in an unrelated program, and to my surprise I got an error with all but those two tracks. Doing a bit of research I found out the problem in both cases most likely due to DRM protection, which I never considered since I never had an album come with that before >_>. Neverthless I'll try to worm my way around it and check back in with my results. Thanks guys
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