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Page Tower Defense - Development Thread(PRE-ALPHA Release 3/16)

Tower Defense Development Thread
Been REAL busy lately, haven't had much time for actual
development. Now, I do =). So I shall continue on my future

  • Main Menu
  • Map Selection
  • Map Base Structure
  • Gameplay Drawing(Grid, path, enemies, tower placement)
  • Pathing(Enemy movement to follow waypoints)
  • Tower Types(Tech Tree)
  • Enemy Structure(HP, speed, etc)
  • Map Creator
  • Wave/Round/Frame base

The game's map system is a simple sidelining(enemies
keep to a set path) type. There will be an in-game map

Basically the code for a map is such:
MapTitle = "Out of the Way"; 
WaypointX = {12,12,213,213,288,288,62,62,212,212}
WaypointY = {0,87,87,12,12,138,138,188,188,240}
WaypointSize = # WaypointX;

The actual gameplay is endurance based. So your "score"
is the level you get to. This is the type I enjoy so it's
the format I'm using.

The graphics are all in-house; meaning no outside images.
All the enemies are ASCII based, "o O [:] <> x X", and the
towers are simple graphics made out of lines and circles.
Maps are grid like Vector TD. Surprisingly it runs smooth so

The tower upgrading system in this game is something
like a tech tree. You always start with a basic tower
and upgrade it to the unit you want.

Useful information:
-AoE = Area Of Effect, eg Splash damage.
-DoT = Damage Over Time, eg Burning
-RoF = Rate Of Fire, the turret fireing speed.

In terms of making a certain tower more powerful, instead
of spending currency it's done by experience. The more
experience the tower has killing, and to a lesser extent
killing, the higher the towers level will be. Each level
will increase it's stats in a certain way and at the final
level will be something special.

  -Building block of the towers.
    -Shoots faster than the basic tower.
      -Upgraded version of the HIGH SPEED tower.
       Slightly faster, powerful, and larger range.
    -Damages the targeted unit as well as a unit on
     each side. The damaged is halved to the surrounding
      -Upgraded version of the AOE tower.
       Now hits the targeted unit plus two units on both
       sides. Range and damage is also slightly upgraded.
      -Upgrades the AOE damage tower into an AOE slow tower.
      -Slows the targeted unit plus a unit on both sides.
      -Upgrades the AOE damage tower into an AOE fire tower.
      -Does no bullet damage but every enemy in its radius
       gets burned until they pass.
    -Inflicts no damage but every enemy in its radius takes
     more damage.
      -Upgrades the AURA tower into a passive aura that
       increases the damage of all towers in its radius.
      -Upgrades the AURA tower into a passive aura that
       increases the range of all towers in its radius.
    [ROF PLUS]
      -Upgrades the AURA tower into a passive aura that
       increases the RoF of all towers in its radius.
    -Has tremendous power and range but a slow RoF.
      -Upgrades the RANGE tower even further. It can
       practically hit the entire map if placed right. The
       damage is also increased but the RoF is decreased
       even more.
    -Has average damage, speed, range, but it has a small
     chance to instant kill its target.
      -Will teleport units back to the starting gates. A
       unit that has been teleported can't be teleported
      -A long range tower that penetrates in a line.

Version 0.1
  • Main Menu w/Animation
  • Map Selection
  • Map Creation
  • 2 maps I made
  • Plus technical details above
  • No Actual Gameplay Yet!
Version 0.1.1
  • GUI is much more smooth. There were way too many screen updates, you only need one in the end ;-P! No flicker on the Zen now.
  • The Map Creator's "Test Draw" now can be turned on while you are creating waypoints. This way you can see how your map looks while your making it.
  • The map preview on the Map Selection screen was not centered with the actual preview. This has been fixed up.
Attached Files
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File Type: zip Tower Defense v0.1.1 (Compiled).zip (20.3 KB, 385 views)
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Tower Defense Thread
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