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Old 03-10-2010, 12:35 PM
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Default Unworking Zen Micro possibly available for free donation...

Mods: Please move this to Classifieds if necessary - am unsure since I am not intending to sell the device, but simply to donate it...


I am trying to determine if there is any interest in a Zen Micro for free before I go hunting around for it.

The Zen Micro served me faithfully until the dreaded headphone jack issue started cropping up [audio cutting out]. At the time I did find tons of posts on DIY fixes but I am not adept with a soldering iron .

So it went into permanent exile and was replaced with a Zen V+ at the time.

As I recall I think it was this one, black/dark blue:

I have forgotten the specs and have no idea even if it will power on at this point as it has been several years. Like I said, I believe I still have it someplace but won't know for sure until I go scrounging for it. If I do still have it and can find it, I may also have some of the original accessories - I recall that it came with a white hardshell case to protect the back of the unit. It would all be yours for free.

My intention is simply to donate it for free to anyone who may be interested in it for parts or to try and resurrect it - lots of capable, industrious folks here at abi!

I am asking for nothing in return - I would simply require that interested parties snailmail me a self-addressed, pre-postage paid bubble envelope so I can just pop the thing in the mail and send it back to you. My location is NYC.

Again, cannot guarantee I can even find it - but wanted to ping folks first to determine interest level before I go to the trouble to look for it. And I really don't want to simply toss it out.

PM me if you are interested at all.

Thanks and cheers!
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