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Default Best car stereo to get to use with a D2+?

I'm getting my first car soon, and I'd like to integrate the D2+ in there somehow, rather than burning CDs like it's 2001. What's the best aftermarket, or even DIY solution for me?
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Just find one with a 3.5 mm aux-in jack, and run a cable from the D2+ to that jack.....disable your EQ and enhancements, start out with your volume on the D2+ at 75%( you might need to turn it up a little higher) and you'll be good to go.
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Yeah, any head unit with a line-in/aux-in. You can get them that have it on the front plate, or in the back, some with both.
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Best solution to me would be to get a head unit with a usb input on the front or back. Get a 8-16gb flash drive, put all your music on that and play the music off of it via plugging the drive into the front or running a usb cable through the back. With this method you can browse through your music on the head unit itself. You also wont have to worry about charging the mp3 player as the flash drive will be powered by the unit.

If you do want to use your d2, maybe you can use your D2 as a flash drive via usb. That might work as well, as I've never tried it but when i plug it into my pc it shows up like a flash drive would.
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