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Default Fiio E5 and cellphone interference?

Hello everyone, I am thinking of buying a fiio E5. But from what I have read on the internet, its predecessor, fiio E3 is susceptible to cellphone interference, and since you can't change the boost level of fiio E3 the ring will be very loud and can damage your hearing. So I am wondering if fiio E5 still has the same problem?

Thank you for reading.
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Sorry, but I can't remember....I sold my E5 last September.
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Fiio has bass boost setting, volume control , power on/off, so it wont same like Fiio E3
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Wow, I never thought to try my FiiOE5 with my BlackBerry. Just tried it and there's no interference and when a call comes in it rings via the speakers and not into the phones, sorry not much input here.
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I do not know about the fiio specifically, but I have read that many of the lower cost portable amps do pick up unwanted electromagnetic interference when your cell phone rings which can produce an annoying audible buzz. The more expensive amps either have an on-board EMI filter or special layout design which helps in bypassing EMI or improving RF immunity. Fortunately the one I have can sit next to or on top of a cell phone and it doesn't pick up anything at all, but then again I can't hear the phone ring

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fiio e5

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