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Default I think my Sansa Clip Plus has a virus?

I name the music folders when it is plugged in on my computer but when I'm using the MP3 the folder names just come at as random numbers and symbols, also on a couple of occasions it has just turned itself off for no reason, anyway there is this program on the mp3 called DevIcon, It's been there for ages but recently I looked it up and another person on Y!answers said it was a virus, is it?If it is could this be what's causing it?....viruses really creep me out!

Someone told me to format the whole player - but wouldn't that delete all the default folders, because I don't want to loose them since they came with the player???

EDIT: AHHHH, I just formatted it and it deleted all the factory settings but left the DevIcon thing there.... - will I still be able to use it properly - and how on earth do i get rid of that DevIcon thing????????????????

Edit: I just plugged it in again and all my factory settings are back...but that DevIcon is still there even after I deleted
- I'm a real technophobe, please help is it a virus?

Edit: Wait, someones just said that this DevIcon thing is ok and is meant to be there - why can't I name my folders??? I'm sorry but it reeaaallly bugs me.

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