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Old 02-27-2010, 06:42 PM
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Default 10 iRecharge Battery Packs ~1368mah for $19.19 (shipping included)

Extend the playing time for you Sansa Clip/Clip+ or other devices that are charged by USB.

10 iRecharge Battery Packs (eBay) ($19.19 Shipping Included)

I think this is a pretty good deal, compared to how much these are selling individually. I purchased just one of them for ($4.43 link below) and after testing it out, this little battery pack is a great way to extend the playback for the Sansa Clip/Clip+ or any other USB Device.

The instruction manual said 2 to 3 hours for a full charge from a usb port, but mine charged in about 3 to 4 from a fully drained state. I tried to see how much this thing could recharge my psp (1800mah) battery, and it charged it to 76%. So I concluded that the iRecharge is about 1368 mah. Off course this estimate could be incorrect if the PSP is cannot accurate read the charge level of the battery. (I don't have my multimeter laying around, so I probably could have gotten a better reading) The battery output was not strong enough to run the PSP without the battery in it. However, it is strong enough to run the Sana Clip/Clip+ from a fully drained state. Once the clip was fully charged, the iRecharge battery still has some juice left over (I don't know how much was left over, but when the iRecharge is drained, the green charge/discharge light turns off).

So one could probably get an extra playtime of 14 hours or more by using this battery pack.

Unfortunately, it appears the battery cannot recharge the Sansa Clip/Clip+, while the device is turned off. When you plug the usb cable into the battery, the clip turns on (from an off state) and starts charging, but if you turn off the clip, the green light on the battery that indicates charging, turns off.

In case you don't want to buy 10 of them, another seller is selling them individually.

1 iRecharge Battery Pack (ebay) ($4.43 Free Shipping)

Initially, I was indecisive about buying the 10 pack, then some else bought them all up, so I just bought one from another seller. Then, the same seller listed the 10 pack deal again, so I bought one pack of 10. (Should have waited, could have saved $4.43)

Hope this helps some of you guys/gals who are looking for extended playback on the go for you mp3 players (usb devices).
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