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Default How to fix most problems with your X-Fi2

Below are some steps you can take to fix most problems that occur on your ZEN X-Fi2. Start from the beginning and stop whenever your problem is resolved.

If you have a step that you think should be added to the list, post it here.

1. Update your X-Fi2 with the latest firmware (1.22.03 as of this writing).

2. Clean up your player's memory by following these steps from a Creative FAQ section:
Press and hold the Home/Menu button while powering up the unit
Release the power button once the splash screen display appears
Continue holding down the Home/Menu button until the Recovery Mode screen appears
The Recovery Mode screen appears, and three menu items are shown: Clean Up, Format All and Reboot.
To clean up your player's memory, select Clean Up.
When the cleanup is complete, select Reboot. Your player restarts and starts rebuilding its music library.
3. Search Creative's Knowledgebase for existing solutions to your specific problem.

4. Reformat your player with Creative's MP3 Player Recovery Tool. This option will erase all your songs/apps/personal data on your X-Fi2. Only do this step if none of the above steps worked and you don't mind reloading all of your songs/etc.

5. Contact Creative's Technical Support. If you've reached this point you are probably SOL. Good luck and God's speed.

** Also Helpfull: Pressing the 'Reset' button on the bottom of your player will reboot it if it freezes or you just can't get it to shut off normally.
If you have a question, please ask. I am more than happy to help.

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