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Default Feeding my old stereo with the little Clip

Hi guys!

I was just wondering... would this be a bad idea? Since I'm not really familiar with the hi-fi world (too expensive stuff for a poor student like me ) I thought it would be appropriate to ask you people out there. Well, it's not a secret that the Clip is one of the best sounding DAPs out there, and recently I found out that it plays back even 24 bit/96 khz flac files (using Rockbox), so is there a possibility that it sounds pleasant when plugged to a 'big' stereo? Thing is, I got this old Pioneer stereo from my grandpa and I listened to some LPs. Guys, it sounds sweet! Mint vinyl (mostly completely analog recorded/mixed/produced music from the sixties or seventies like Beatles and Pink Floyd) sounds really great through my AKG K 240, so I would also have a good headphone amp to drive something more demanding. The Clip even manages to add dithering (as far as I know it 'only' has a 18 bit D/A converter, so it would not be a bad idea to activate dithering when 24 bps files are being played back. Well, this is controversial.) and crossfeed to the high-resolution material (Quite impressive in my opinion, this little thing has some power!). So, basically I could play back redbook lossless files and even rips from the few DVD-Audio discs I've got and in this way stay away from jitter because there's no optical media involved anymore.

Alright so far, but the problem is that I only have one speaker here, the second one is out of town (don't ask why ) and I wonder if it's worth the trouble to get it. Well, is it worth the trouble? Has anyone experience with this?

Thanks in advance!
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