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Old 02-24-2010, 12:40 AM
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Default Another Survey <groan!> E/S series owners: What specific volume settings do you use?

Hi mods:

Please delete this thread - Andreas kindly pointed out that despite my best efforts to the contrary, I am indeed a moron! <LOL>

With contrite apologies,


Thanks to all for playing along on my other survey. Got another one for you. Bear with me, this is kind of important IMO...sort of.

So, I just got my grubby hands on a brand new pair of the amazingly excellent Maximo iMetal 590 IEM headphones. While certainly not a Head-phi .org audiophile expert, these iM-590s are without question the best, most acoustically balanced sub $100USD IEMs I have ever heard - strong but not overwhelming bass that is crisp and punchy, defined mids and sharp but not piercing highs. They are an absolute steal for the $45USD I paid, including shipping. The accessory package alone is fantastic.


Anyway, I am finding that I am now listening to my E 345 at slightly lower volumes through these Maximos. With my previously decent Sennheiser CX 300 IEMs, my E345 volume was usually between 16-18. Now, listening to the same music, my E345 volume is down to 14-16, with no loss of "clarity" or loudness. Of course, this is due to different specs between the IEMs, e.g. SPL and dbl. Straight output on the device - no device digital enhancements used.

But this got me thinking: of course, no one wants to go deaf listening to music at excessive volumes, especially through IEMs. So I am wondering what specific volume settings other folks use, with what headphones and during what kind of music.

So, if you will indulge me again, I will start:

Volume: 14-16
EQ: None
Headphones: IEMs, Maximo iM590
Genres: Progressive rock, trance, pop, dance, metal, instrumental guitar, jazz
MP3 Quality: min 160VBR LAME to 320kbit CBR LAME

Thanks! And mods, please feel free to shut this down if this is an irritating topic - I will understand!


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