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Default Voice control?

Nowadays, computers, phones (Nexus One, HTC, etc), and so on can take voice commands and transcribe stuff as well. I don't know if something like this is even possible, but since the S9 is so customizable and has a great mic built-in, perhaps an app/UCI or something of the like could be made that can respond to voice commands, though I wouldn't necessarily hold my breath on transcribing. So what I'm wondering is, is something like this possible?

I wasn't sure whether this would go into UCI or flash section, so I posted it here. If mods feel it should be moved, please do so.
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doesn't have the processor for it, and even if it did, I don't think that's possible with flash and what cowon gives developers
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definitely not. it'd be a neat token feature but I can't imagine that it would be at all useful to the majority of users.
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Voice commands have been there in mobile devices for long time, atleast those who know abt Windows Mobile know of it. But like ultrauber said, S9's processor won't possibly be able to do the job in that if its simulated in Flash somehow (it'll have to be pseudo by having flash record commands in user's voice first & then using them as match tokens) cuz it'll require some processing power & some RAM.
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