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Default Updating Korean S9 with international (2.xx) firmware

Hi all, I've been following these forums for quite some time but haven't had the urge to sign up until now, as I have only now decided to get an S9.

There's a possibility for me to get a 32GB Ceramic White S9 imported for less than a regular 32GB S9 on Amazon in the UK. Now I know that it's possible to update US/International S9's with Korean firmware (1.xx/3.xx), but is it possible to update Korean S9's with the US/International firmware (2.xx)? Are there any issues I should know about Korean S9's that may affect their usage in the UK?

Thanks in advance, I'm looking forward to contributing a lot more to these forums when I get the S9!
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I think that you can install the 2.x firmware on it, but if you can't, there still should be the language choice. If you get it from Korea, it will have the DMB tuner, which you may or may not use. Installing the 2.x FW will remove this icon. This probably doesn't matter, though, because I doubt there is DMB coverage in your area.

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Cheers for the reply uber, glad that it won't brick after updating with different regions' firmware. Needed to make sure since most of my gizmos need updating with specific regional firmwares.

As for DMB, the UK definitely doesn't have it, there were a few trials here and there for a month or so but it hasn't stuck. To be fair I'm mainly excited about the customisable eq, bbe etc. I'm a bit of an audiophile, my current player is a Creative Zen Vision:M only because of it's equaliser!

Thanks for the help
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