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Default Still got your T9?

As the title says, are you still possessing an T9?
Do you like it?

I still got mine. It looks good. No new scratches at all.
And the battery is still good enough. I think it will last another year for sure.

What about you guys?
Any stories to tell that has happened between you and your T9 that makes you love it even more?
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I still have mine although I don't use it much. Still looks and works the way it did the day I recieved it. I have a 8GB T9 w/ Bluetooth and use it mostly around the house for streaming to a set of BT speakers or morning walks. It also gets occassional use in the car.

It used to my world traveler mp3 player (Africa, Europe, Canada, and Mexico) and my daily user but I've out grew it's capacity. If it could earn frequent flyer miles, it would have enough for a free roundtrip ticket from Atlanta to Paris.

I'm using a 32GB P3 for that job today but if I could have a 16GB T9B, I'd still be carrying it in my bag. It's still my favorite all-arounder since I mostly listen to audio but it just doesn't have capacity to be my main or only device.
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I still have mine! Love it's within an arms reach literally almost daily...and used about 4 times a week for about 3 hours at a time! Battery is like Kryptonite...actually since it's mentioned I guess this thing runs on a battery eh!

I had to resurrect my MP3 2 times now after low level lose the Bluetooth Icon when you do one so refer to this thread if your's is Bluetooth and you happen to lose Bluetooth function...its easy easy to fix.

My unit is cased in a DIO skin so the unit is near mint still...actually the rare time I pull it out of the skin I stop to take in it's appearance...which is very slick! No need to buy anything for quite awhile....I'm totally pleased with the use I got out of it! I love Bluetooth alot when I'm drivin and paired up to my Trucks Stereo and on my home PC...

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I have T9 BQB/KON 4gb with bt and it works perfectly for 2 years (or less). And I haven't had any problems with it so far even though I use it everyday for about 2 hours. The best thing about it is that it supports Ogg Vorbis.
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Those are some nice stories.
Mine is resting at the moment. I don't have time to put new songs on it. Listening to the same songs day in and out isn't that amusing, haha. But I'm a bit lazy, too, though.
And, I won't be able to hear music with its regular earphone. So, I'm looking for noise isolation one, cheap but with great quality. Any suggestions? Or if possible suggest some on focalprice or dealextreme. Otherwise it will be too expensive.

Btw, I don't have bluetooth. Do I miss something without it?
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It's nice that you can hold onto your players and keep them like new... I didn't have a T9 but a T10 - great player.
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I just buy a secondhand T9,Very nice
Bluetooth work fine with my Treo 650 cell phone

if It can play sounds from my PC,will be very very suprise for me
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