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Default Cowon D2+ paired with the Phonek Audeo PFE

First post, long time lurker

I have seen posts which reference this topic tangentially, but most are over a year old and wondered what others might have to say as well as those who have had this combination for along time who might now have more experience with them now. The excellent 3 yr old review is the main reason I am considering the D2+.

For my first PMP, I have just about decided on the Cowon D2+ pairing it with a Phonak Audeo PFE. Mostly I listen to Jazz (Mingus, Miles, Coletrane, etc. not so much modern jazz) and 'trip-hop' (think Portishead, DJ Shadow, Massive Attack) though there is much more in my collection.

My main question to anyone who has this combination: Is there any hiss? I have read the D2 (actually haven't read this about the '+', but it should be the same), is a hissy player when paired with a low impedance phone. The PFE's are 32ohms. Other than that possible one, are there any issues that might make this a less than optimal match?

I had narrowed my choice to the D2+ and Sansa Fuze (close choice from what I have read) and decided on the D2 because of the BBE+ which might work good with the varied music I listen to. If anyone has another option to go with the PFE's, then I might reconsider the D2+. While a screen is nice for navigation, I am not going to use it for video. Maybe the O2?

I intend on ripping all my CD's to an external drive as FLAC...and it would be easy to just use FLAC on the player rather than convert to another format so my only real requirements are: Space - that's why I was looking at a player that takes something like a micro SDHC card and maybe a little better than average sound quality.

BTW, I've enjoyed dfkt's many posts that have touched on either or both of these.

NOTE: I accidently posted this in the main audio player forum and have asked the moderator to delete that one.
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