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Default Custom your settings (LONG)

This thread is loaded with "problems" with the Mozaic, thought I'd add a "discussion" and attempt to cheer things up

Lets chat about the Custom EQ setting. I am no audiophile, but I do like my music to sound good.

I have read postings elsewhere on the net about "the perfect EQ setting for your... I laugh at these posts...they always miss valuable facts.

First a few facts about the custom EQ:
1. your custom settings WILL NOT work will all your music. (unless your entire player is one genre)

2. Your settings may sound like crap to me. Mine may sound like crap to you. That's how it goes. This is just a place to get combinations to "try" and find settings that may work well one individuals' particular taste.

3. Your settings are 90% headphones/earbuds, and 10% player.
This means...your EQ settings AND the cans you are using are required information. (some may also argue that the cans need to be "conditioned" for optimum performance) This is another discussion getting some space on the net.

I'll touch on it briefly...when you get new quality phones, listen to attention. Then play them overnight a few nights on 3/4 volume. No need for a fancy frequency, just shuffle your player, and leave them be. After one or two nights, listen to them again. If you hear no difference, then just pass this thread by, and don't even bother to post your EQ settings....EQ settings won't matter to you...go have a doughnut.

(speaker drivers MUST be loose for best performance) that's all.

Now...on to my setup.

For work...(noisy office environment) I have Bose Quiet Comfort2 noise cancelling phones. For activities, I use a set of Bang & Olufsen A8 buds. (they have an arm that snugly fits around the ear) (Google them.)

Now, while usually your EQ can greatly differ in sound from phone to phone, I have found these two are pretty close. Besides, with the A8's I will be splitting my concentration between play/music, and not work/music. So the sound qaulity can be a bit less here while I focus on my activity.

Here's what works with my QC2's for me: note: Bass Boost is ON


I listen to a wide variety...AC/DC...Pink Floyd...Zeppelin...Janice Joplin...Metallica...Roy Orbison...Johnny Cash...Drive By Truckers...BB King...Clapton...JJ Cale...Skynard...SRV...Springsteen...Billy name a few.

The above settings, and the QC's work well with all of these, with the exception of Metallica. The top end of the bass distorts during some of their for this...Bass Boost off.

There you have it.

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