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Default Finally retiring my Gigabeat F

I see my name plastered all over here, lately - so just a heads up that I'm finally retiring my F series player. I actually pulled out the 120GB drive and put it back into my Gigabeat S, as I plan to sell it as a "S120". I'll probably put an ad here or in, before I go the eBay route. I was considering selling it as an "F120", but the problem is that the ZIF connector sometimes gets loose and I had to open it up every few months to adjust it - so, I didn't want to sell it like that.

With Rockbox and the right EQ settings, the F series has a phenomenal sound - better than even my Cowon S9, imo. But, the only time I really use it is at home with my good cans. But, my netbook offers as good a sound, a larger drive and it obviously can be used for more things than just a music player.

It was a great player, however. Kudos to the Rockbox team for really making the best use out of the hardware.
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