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Old 02-16-2010, 05:34 PM
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Default Zune HD Generation 2 - Wishlist - What's your dream device?

Some may say that it is too soon for a new device, others may disagree. Either way, this is not the place to debate.
Eventually, sooner or later, we are going to get another device. The question is, what do you want that next device to be?
What features are you hoping for?

Here's my list:

Processor: Tegra 2 (it's only logical)

Display: OLED
(hopefully an improved one like Samsung's new Super oled. No screen flicker problems this time)

Also, a much smaller screen bezel, we don't need a picture framed device.

Audio: Superb audio quality, better than Zune HD
(Don't forget this is a media player.)

OS: Windows Phone 7

Transfer Protocol: Zune integration with the Zune Desktop Software coupled with drag/drop capability.

If, for some reason, drag and drop is completely out of the question, (not sure why it would be), then provide an extremely low CPU intensive transfer utility seperate from the full Zune Desktop software.

If I buy a CD and go to a friend's house, I want to be able to get that music on my Zune without having to set up and install the full Zune Desktop program on his/her computer.

Hardware buttons: A volume rocker, bing search button, home key, and back button.

Don't remove any features of the Zune HD!

Edit: I just realized that it was somewhat hypocritical, actually very hypocritical , of me to make this thread after claiming the death of Zune hardware. Allow me to explain. I believe that if the Zune hardware continues in it's current lacking state than it has no future. However, if it does adopt the new Windows Phone OS, than it can have a future. I still think it would make more sense for Microsoft to discontinue Zune hardware and instead, allow for other vendors to build hardware, but it does not look like Microsoft is planning to go down that path.

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