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Default What's in store for Zune?

With all the news about Windows Phone 7 series, do you guys think that Microsoft will release new Zune Hardware anytime soon? We have a loooong time to wait before we see Windows Phone 7 Series in the flesh, and Apple will most likely be releasing new hardware, as will many other companies.
The Zune HD hasn't been out that long, and until the announcement of Windows Phone 7, there hasn't really been anything compelling people to jump onto the Zune bandwagon.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but Zune wasn't going to get apps yet because Microsoft wanted them to be cross-platform with their Mobile Handsets, but now that we have to wait until the end of the year to see the phones, what's in store for Zune? Do we just get to wait with what we have for now?
Are they just going to quit working on Zune Hardware and focus on the UI and software? Will Windows Phone 7 Series bring an end to the Zune player?

With all that being said, what do you guys have to say? I thought this would make for an interesting discussion.
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