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Default Firmware update or "Clip++"?

Hi all!

I have been looking for an acceptable mp3 player for a long time and finally thought that I had found a player worth buying when I read about the Sansa Clip. However, there are, from my point of view, some serious problems.

First is the fact that it does not have what someone in this forum called "Automatic Folder Advance": i.e. if you have loaded your music onto the player in folders, and play the tracks in one folder, it will not advance to the next folder unless you prompt it to do so.

This is an astounding oversight!

You can put a week's worth of music on the thing and if it is in folders, you must manually advance the playback every, let's say, 45 minutes. And what is even more baffling, is that this feature is not unique to the Clip! That the lousy Sony whatever-it-was-called that I had for two days was also burdened with the very same problem. Which was, to be honest, only one of several reasons why it was returned almost immediately. But I digress.

Second problem: Exceedingly short battery life. From what I have read here, I would need to charge it every day. Boy oh boy.

Third problem: This seems to be a USB2 device. I'll bet that it takes some real time to fill it with music. USB3 is now beginning to appear on motherboards and (th the best of knowledge - I could be mistaked) USB3 controller chips are now available for other devices. Using USB2, even filling a lousy 1gb mp3 player is time-consuming task. I am hoping that USB3 would make this less of a burden; it is a real fly-in-the-ointment. (Of course, it might be possible that the flash memory in the device is the reason that putting new music on a player is so tedious, tiresome, and time-consuming. I am not sure. But if it is, then maybe Sansa has some plans to improve that too.)

So, here is what: Maybe Sansa will release a firmware update with Automatic Folder Advance, and decent battery life, and then take that firmware and put it into a new USB3-capable device with faster memory: a Clip++.

Question: Is it possible to have the Clip+ sort and play files by filename, completely ignoring tags? Or would I have to kill all the tags in order to have it sort and play by filename?

Next question: Can someone here suggest something instead of the Sansa which would meet the following requirements:
1) Can use Windows Explorer to transfer files with no need for proprietary software;
2) Has at least 4.3 gbs of real, available-to-the-user-for-actual-music-files space. A player that has 4gbs space, of which 350mbs is dedicated to system files, is not, in my estimation, a 4gbs device; it is a 3.65gbs device. As I have my (very extensive) mp3 collection archived on DVD, I would want to be able to take a whole dvd's contents and put it on the player.
3) Has Automatic Folder Advance;
4) Must sort files by filename and not by tags. It must be able to ignore tags entirely. I have edited the filenames of my tracks to have the title format I want so that when I play them on the computer they play in the order I want, showing the information that I want them to show.
Additional parameter: I have no need for video or even any kind of LCD readout at all.

That's it for today!
Thanks in advance!
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