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Default Notepad

Here is my attempt to create a note taking app.

-Read mode without any keys in display, activated by arrow key
-Screen orientation changes by accelerometer (portrait and landscape)
-Keeps a list of files that you have saved
-Changable colors, as well as different types of cursors (more colors may be added later)
-Autosave on exit can be switched on/off

-For regular note taking I'd suggest setting left right scrolling to "no" and automatic keys to "yes". This makes up-down scrolling a little faster, and when you reach the end of the screen the word you are typing will be placed on the line below.
-For programming lua I'd suggest setting left right scrolling to "yes" and automatic keys to "no".

-Can be placed anywhere by touching the screen. When touched where there is no text, the cursor will be placed in the nearest line.
-When in readmode, you can zoom in and out, and scroll to the line you want to edit. Tapping the line will place the cursor at the end of this line. Tapping arrow key again will change zoom to normal.
-Can be moved forward/back one character at a time with the "left" and "right" buttons at the top-right of the screen.

Phone keyboard:
-When you put the player upright the keyboard will change to a phone keyboard for sms-style typing. (can also be hidden with the arrow key)
-When typing sms-style, you can tap the screen to write a character to the screen without having to wait. For example when you want to type "aa"; tap "2", tap the screen, and tap "2" again. (when you don't tap, the character will be written to the screen in about 1-2 seconds)

-Files that have been saved will appear in the loadlist. The number of files in this list is virtually unlimited, because the list gets scrollable when the list doesn't fit the screen anymore.
-To add a new file to the loadlist, press "new", enter the filename and press enter. Then, go back to the menu and choose "save current file". The filename will appear in the box, and press enter.
-To delete a file from the loadlist, press "delete", then press on a filename in the list. It will ask for confirmation. This wil NOT delete the file from the player, it will only remove the filename from the loadlist.
-When a file is autosaved (on exit), it will not be automatically added to the loadlist.

I'd like to hear what you think, feedback, suggestions, are welcome.

Saves special characters
Up and down scrolling

New keyboard layout
Ability to change colors and cursor type
Left-right scrolling (switched on or off in options menu)
Read mode without any keys visible
More special characters

Cursor also stays on screen when scrolled to left-right

Save as
load files you saved
load any file with "new"-button in load-screen
Fixed touch positions
option to autosave ("on" by default)
hold for backbutton (again)
shift button

word wrapping
portrait read mode
zoom in/out (only in readmode, yet..)

bug fixes

v2.6 - screenshots in attachments
no more errors with very large files (=with left-right scrolling ON. When it's OFF, it sometimes still gives an error (as in: app closes. No scanning of disk needed))
slight change in layout (cursor buttons, special keys and capslock)
option to disable type assistance
scrollable loadlist
scrollbar added to the right side of the screen. (it's small, but you can drag it to scroll very fast)
phone keyboard for sms-style typing in portraitmode

Quick update for new Firmware 1.12.

new images
fixed some wordwrapping bugs
added "new file" in the menu

some bugs fixed while changing view without left-right scrolling
new sms-keyboard (not done yet)

volume control added (hold home button)
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