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Default Any other Developers out there?

I've been playing with flash and making apps for the S9. I've got a lot of apps I'd like to make, and I've already got some work done on them, though I've hit a wall.

I can't find any documentation about developing on the S9. is there any?

the S9 is very finicky about it's flash apps, sometimes it wont even load them, others times it stops working in the middle of using one, and sometimes it just freezes before the app even opens.

has anyone else here had the same problem and found a work-around?
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figured it out, you should use MC's instead of buttons. apparently buttons are resource hogs.

I've nearly got a to-do list app finished with a GREAT typign interface (thing cellphone texting with a qwerty layout, with LARGE buttons)

the only problem is, I can't get the cowon to store any data. I've tried sharedObjects but they're finicky at best.

Really, is there anyone else out there programming for this thing?
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dev docs:

COWON S9_FS Command

COWON S9 Flash UCI(User Creative Interface) Instruction
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I've been trying to use build-int fscommands of the S9 to save data, but it just doesn't seem to work, even though I'm using the exact code from the PDF. I've tried variations of it, just in case there was a mistake in the PDF, but still it never seems to work. all variabled end up as unassigned.

    var saveData1:String;    var readData1:String;    var saveData2:String;
    var readData2:String;    var saveData3:String;    var readData3:String;
    var saveData4:String;    var readData4:String;    var saveData5:String;
    var readData5:String;    var saveData6:String;    var readData6:String;
    var saveData7:String;    var readData7:String;    var saveData8:String;
    var readData8:String;    var ret:Number;

    saveData1 = "test1";
    ret = ext_fscommand2("EtcUsrSetString", "1", saveData1);
    ret = ext_fscommand2("EtcUsrGetString", "1", readData1);
// this block is correct according to the PDF, and the rest are incorrect. still none of them work.
    saveData2 = "test2";
    ret = ext_fscommand2("EtcUsrSetString", "2", saveData2);
    ret = ext_fscommand2("EtcUsrGetString", "2", "readData2");
    saveData3 = "test3";
    ret = ext_fscommand2("EtcUsrSetString", "3", "saveData3");
    ret = ext_fscommand2("EtcUsrGetString", "3", readData3);
    saveData4 = "test4";
    ret = ext_fscommand2("EtcUsrSetString", "4", "saveData4");
    ret = ext_fscommand2("EtcUsrGetString", "4", "readData4");
    saveData5 = "test5";
    ret = ext_fscommand2("EtcUsrSetString", 5, saveData5);
    ret = ext_fscommand2("EtcUsrGetString", 5, readData5);
    saveData6 = "test6";
    ret = ext_fscommand2("EtcUsrSetString", 6, saveData6);
    ret = ext_fscommand2("EtcUsrGetString", 6, "readDat6");
    saveData7 = "test7";
    ret = ext_fscommand2("EtcUsrSetString", 7, "saveData7");
    ret = ext_fscommand2("EtcUsrGetString", 7, readData7);
    saveData8 = "test8";
    ret = ext_fscommand2("EtcUsrSetString", 8, "saveData8");
    ret = ext_fscommand2("EtcUsrGetString", 8, "readData8");
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well turns out sharedObjects DO work, I just forgot to flush (lol)

    todo_so = SharedObject.getLocal("todo_list");"testerrr";
    todo1.text = asd;
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Where can we find your apps?
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Considering this thread is one and a half years old and Caibbor hasn't been logged in to the forums for half a year, I doubt there's any completed apps to download anywhere.
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