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Default .ds files on Clip+ (Mac)?

Hello, I'm new to the forums. I'm a mac user and my problem is that whenever I use the "folder" browse on the clip+, I see my music and also duplicate .(dot) files before each one. This does not happen in any other mode (play all, album, artist), just in folder browse and only for flac files. I tried deleting the hidden files in the folder with no luck. Can anyone help me please?

*just as a note, when I try playing the ".files", the clip freezes for a moment then restarts.
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I think these are the files you are seeing:

They're normal when you connect a volume under OS X. I would just leave them there.
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Originally Posted by defaultluser View Post
I would just leave them there.
That would certainly be the best advice possible -- assuming the Sansa had the infinite memory auto-expansion option. However, my sources are telling me that it's still in the pre-vaporware phase.

Ideally, the MacinTosh would be sold with a built-in pooper-scooper routine, since it seems to be very resistant to being housebroken.

I have heard that there is some arcane tweak that can be inflicted upon the Pride of Cupertino, so as to prevent it from marking its trail everywhere it goes when accessing what it considers "foreign media" (i.e., normally formatted media). Thankfully, I use a standard computer, so I do not have to deal with this garbage cleanup nightmare (except when my jump drives are connected to my wife's workplace excuse for a computer (her employer dumped a lab full of perfectly usable computers, in order to spend tons of taxpayer dollars on Apple products).

Unless you want to have the thrill of a Sansa that has no music on it, AND no remaining free space, I would suggest deleting all the garbage that the Apple product deposits on it.

BTW, if you connect the Sansa to a standard computer, you will find that there is MUCH more garbage placed there than the "dot-name" phantom files that you can see when viewing on the Apple product. There is a fairly intensive load of crap left there -- deep trees with loads of database files and so forth -- and by using your Sansa normally -- adding music, listening for a while, removing it, adding more music, etc., you will eventually run out of space on the Sansa even though you will have no actual content on it, due to the Apple product's garbage pile growing higher and higher and higher with each operation performed on the Sansa.

Sort of curious how it doesn't seem to do this when it's accessing Apple branded music players, isn't it. A cynical person might be tempted to wonder about that.
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OP: You can read more about those files here. They're not necessary to keep on your Sansa, as OS X auto-generates them whenever they are needed. The Mac program BlueHarvest allows you to rid mounted drives (like the Sansa's) of them, but its shareware license only lasts a month before you have to pay $16.95 for it.
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Thanks, but like you said, the OSX kept auto-generating them every time I disconnected.
It really doesn't concern me anymore since I exchanged my clip for a walkman (I no longer get the ds files). Thanks for the help though.
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This may be just what you've been looking for:

Finder Cleaner

I know it works through Tiger. Not sure about Leopard, and I seriously doubt it would on Snow Leopard, but you never know.
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