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Default Someone at Zune shoud be fired

Whoever it is who picks the songs that go into the channels needs to be fired today.

One of the channels I subscribe to is Top Bluegrass in Zune. I like bluegrass music (i'm a hillbilly and please don laugh... too much).

When my HD synched last night, "Fuck Her Gently" by the Tenacious D Tribute band showed up.

Come on, Fuck Her Gently is top bluegrass music? In who's book?

Whoever it was who allowed that to be in the channel needs to be fired today.

Dave, who picks this trash?

The bad thing is I can't even delete the darned thing from the channel unless I unsubscribe.

Now, the Zune Pass without channels that I like is just an expensive way to get 10 songs a month. It comes to about $1.50 per song when I can get them for less than a buck anywhere else

Streaming music is kind of cool but the new wears off and eventually, I'll buy the ones I like.

The channels are part of the triad that makes the zune pass cool (Streaming music, 10 song credits per month, channels).

Comeon Zune Team, pull your heads out of your ass and think about the target markets.

OK, rant over.

My zune pass is due up in about 2 weeks. At this point, I'm going to get my last few song credits and let the thing expire.


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