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Default iHP-120 with Rockbox Result: -4

My friend dropped his iHP-120 and now he gets this when he turns it on. The device appears to be loading the Rockbox firmware but before the basic menu appears this appears on the screen for about 1/2 second:

Result: -4

Then that disappears and the player boots the iRiver firmware. What is going on?
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It appears his HD is beyond saving. Reloading Rockbox appeared to fix the problem but I ran chkdsk E:/r on it and never got past 38%. At that point none of my machines would even work with the HD attached by USB, so he's going to buy a 30GB replacement.
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Hi - Had similar problem after dropping mine from a great height! I bought a new hard drive from China via Ebay and also a new battery because the old one wasn't holding the charge for long. With the aid of video from UTube my husband (not particularly technical minded) I've now got a nearly new IRiver H340 which I've always loved for quality of music and also FM radio. After fitting new hard drive, make sure you set IRiver to default and/or press the reset on the side (not sure which did the trick in the end) and then move all your music over. Hope you've got a back-up of music though - luckily we did.
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h120, h140, ihp-120, iriver, result: -4

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