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Default Firmware upgrading guide?

I've been roaming the threads, and I have yet to find a guide to help you upgrade your firmware.
Is there a guide that tells you like:

first, if your S9 has 1.XX firmware, you should upgrade to 1.17, then to 1.18, and at last to 1.59 (i'm making firmware numbers up).

or something like:

if you have firmware 1.XX and u wanna change it to 3.xx, do this, this, this, and finally do this and voila.

Cause I have no clue how to flash my firmware, the orders of the firmware upgrade, and which S9 can handle which firmware, and whether there is a 3rd party firmware out there akin to rockbox for the S9, and the differences btwn 1.XX, 2.XX, and 3.XX firmwares.

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You must be in msc mode. Settings, system, usb mode, msc

No matter what fw version you currently have, you can jump straight to the newest version. So, use the link provided in the update announcement thread. Download the zip file and extract all of the .bin files to the s9, in the first directory. For updating fw, it's not a bad idea to safely remove. The just turn it on and it will start the upgrade.
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thx, but my parents won't allow frivolous spending. i cant get the S9
hopefully though this will help other noobs like me.
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