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Default So let's say you run the Zune team...

... and your vice president comes to you and says, "Give me three apps for Zune HD that will have the absolute greatest impact on customer satisfaction/sales/adoption".

You pause and think. Hmm, YouTube would be good - but it relies on connectivity which not everyone has all the time. Email? Could be good. Killer game or two perhaps? But you need to narrow to three.

I'd probably go with, 1) email client, 2) caching RSS reader, 3) internet radio app (streaming terrestrial radio, not style - I want to listen to Aussie radio).

So what about you? What would your three be?

Cheers, Dave.

P.S. DISCLAIMER - this doesn't mean I'm building an email client, a caching RSS reader or an internet radio app. Or maybe I am. I can't tell you - and you shouldn't take anything from this other than it's a fun discussion. BUT... if you guys overwhelmingly tell me I need to build a flashlight app (for example), then that gives me some useful info, right?
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