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Default X-Fi2 Resource Compiler/Decompiler

Yea, yea..not useful...etc. Oh well!

Basically it's a compiler/decompiler tool for the resource files used in Creative LUA applications. They have used it in both their applications and it can slim down the number of files you use by quite a bit if images are used heavily in your applications.

Basically you can use it simply by setting the res file via image.setresource("MyRes.bin") and loading images via MyImage = image.load("MyRes/myimage.png").

If you need more info on the image table check out

I've uploaded two files. The first is a zip file containing the Compiler/Decompiler(shown in the picture below), the source to that file if anyone is interested, and the white paper documenting the file format of the resource bin file. The second is an example usage with cilmaviel's paint application(found here). I hope you don't mind, lemme know if you want it removed.

The usage is quite simple. To compile click the Add File button until all your images are added, next click the Ellipses Button(". . .") to select the output file location and name, and finally hit the Save Bin File button. To decompile click the Ellipses Button(". . .") to select the bin file you wish to decompile, look at the files contained if you are so pleased, and finally click the Save All Files button which will prompt you to select a folder to save them in.

Edit 1: Added multiple file select for the compile tab.

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