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Default (Four pin) headphones don't work

Sorry if this has been covered, I couldn't find anything when I searched.

I have tried many of the new headphones that have a mic built in for my phone and the only thing is they won't work right with is my Zen micro photo. Sound only out of one channel or partial sound in both channels.

Is there an adapter to get the right connection (four pins to three). Right now I have V-moda Faze; have tried Dr. Dre Beats Tour, Klipsch S4i, and now have Nuforce ne-7m s on the way. I have read that the jack is somehow different on the Zen products.

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The jack on every Creative player I've ever seen is a standard three conductor headphone jack -- not the four conductor style for a built-in mic.

There are adapters out there -- intended for the iPhone world, I suppose. An electronics store is your best bet, bu-uuu-ut you can probably buy an excellent set of conventional headphones with a three conductor plug for about the same price as the adapter. That's definitely the way I'd go!
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Originally Posted by cromag View Post
The jack on every Creative player I've ever seen is a standard three conductor headphone jack -- not the four conductor style for a built-in mic.
You don't need a special conductor for it to work for audio. (in general)

I experienced this problem on my Zen, an adapter will probably solve this b/c in my experience these jacks work in most things. My NE-7Ms work perfectly on everything with the exception of the Zen including my Creative ZNPs.
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Just a little info tidbit: there are extra contacts in the Creative jacks because of the inline remote control optional accessory.

I thought the remote contacts were 'further down' such that they won't interfere with headphones, but it's something to look at anyway.

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