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Default E150 Review

So I finally bit the bullet and purchased a E150(4GB) along with a 4GB microsd card. Honestly depending on your needs can be quite easy or a real pain. If your like me and like using playlists, then your either going to need to use MTP or your forced to use iRiver Plus 3 which im not really fond of. The issue with MTP mode is that the microSD card slot is not visible on the PC. Therefore meaning you'll need to find another way to put media on the microsd, and swapping between MTP and MSC will cause the player to format itself. Another problem of the E150 is the slow UI. Most of it is bearable, but you might have to wait up to like 40 seconds if you want to see all you music in one list. The sound quality is quite good on the E150, although im not expect on SQ. Video playback is actually quite enjoyable, once you get the videos converted. So far I've only used .flv formatted videos(320x240-512 bitrate, 25 framerate). The FM Radio is good, although I havent used the record feature yet. Photo playback is also what you would expect. I would recommend this player only if you get it at a sweet price point or your looking for a good video player in the under $100 price range.
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