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Default Metadata for Ogg Vorbis

Hello everyone. Received my R1 yesterday and it's been a mixed bag so far. I'll state the title problem first, but there are a couple of smaller issues I'd like to know about. Before I start, while testing this I upgraded to 3.00. (And so the current state is 3.00)

For the majority of my Ogg-encoded music, the R1 displays their metadata as "Unknown". However, this is not the case for all Oggs. I realised that one problem was that some of my music used the ".oga" extension and so wasn't being recognised at all - no biggie. However, upon renaming the files, they showed up with full metadata.
Fiddling with some more files, I noticed that in one example of "Unknown" music, the tag names were lower case whereas those of the recognised music were upper case.

I hex-edited the file to upper-case the tags, but I couldn't manually alter the checksum so this rendered the file unplayable. On changing it back, lo and behold the information showed up - even though the file was unchanged from its original state.

Further testing is on-going, but the problem is compounded by other bugs. Often after or during updating the database the player will crash and have to recover firmware. It's impossible to know whether, in this situation, the DB is actually updated. I have just actually crashed the player twice with the manual update, at the same progress. I may format the player and start again.
Anyway, I would like to know whether anyone else has had the same issues, and whether they know any influencing factors. I wonder whether using MTP would mitigate it since whatever put the music on the player should tell it the metadata. I would also like to know why altering the metadata incorrectly then reverting it caused the player to see the correct data.

Finally, a few smaller things. Someone else mentioned cover art - I'd like to have cover art for Oggs. I know there's some draft for embedded album art in Oggs - is this, then, not supported? If not, it's also quite disappointing that there is no support for a .jpg in the folder.

Second, is there any recommendation for dealing with the player crashes? So far they have only occurred while or after updating the database, so I'm not too worried, but of course it'd be preferable to have a fully functional player.

Thanks in advance,

EDIT: Performed some more testing. I used the 'mutagen' python package to uppercase all the tags for a few files, and it didn't have any effect - that theory's shot down. Unless you must remove the file then replace it for the DB to fully update. I have not tried that yet.

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