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Default Cheap Sansa with same ac adapter as my View?

I'm looking for a cheap (the cheapest possible really) sansa that will have a connection that is compatible with my Sansa View (the proprietary sandisk one). I also need it to have a rechargeable battery. Storage isn't an issue... it can be as low a 512MB.

I'd prefer that it were new, but refurbished or used would be fine too.

I'm not really asking for where to buy one at the best price (though if someone has suggestions that would be great... just not important) but rather trying to find out what model(s) I should start looking for.

Basically my wife has stolen my view so that there's always music playing in the bedroom. It plays one CD over and over and over again, and it's not a real good use for my 16gb view, but I can't have it back until I have something to replace it. Since I already have the AC adapter for the view, I'd like to get something I can use with that.

Any advice you all have would be great. I really want my MP3 player back.

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