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Default Tag handling - P3, S9, Zen X-Fi

I'm tossing up between purchasing a P3, S9 or Zen X-Fi. The Zen is in there because it's much cheaper but still functional and I could see myself storing all my music on there and taking advantage of the memory slot for videos.

I'm familiar with their features, but there ability to manage the track data is important to me. So I have some questions that some owners might be able to answer.
  1. Does the player allow you to browse album artist seperately to track artist?
    When browsing through an artist list, I'm normally only interested in Album Artists, not every artist from every mixed CD.
  2. Does it understand that 2 albums with the same name are not the same album if their album artist differs?
    I have two albums named "Ultimate Collection" and hate that the tracks get lumped together.
  3. Does it support multiple genre tags?
    Tagging tracks with just one genre creates a very fragmented organisation of tracks which makes genre next to useless.
  4. When listen to music, can you add the currently playing track to new and already existing playlists?
    I like to listen to all my music on random and organise the tracks into themed playlists as I hear them.
  5. Are track rating stored in the tracks rating tag, or in it's own DB?
    I prefer rating to be stored in the track so they are not lost when I change devices and software.
  6. Does it support multiple artist tags on a track?
    I have a few CD's where two artists created a song, like Cypress Hill & Pearl Jam. When I listen to Pearl Jam on random, I would like this track included.
  7. Does it understand disc number tags?
    I hate having to label two discs from the same album differently, just so I have the choice to listen to one or the other.
  8. Does it allow you to correct tag information as you are listening?
    I often spot mistagged tracks and never remember to correct them when I get back to my PC. Normally it's inconsistent use of "the" in front of an artist name, or a track has the completely wrong genre.
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