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Default Amp Virgin - First time is not that great =(

Just bought my first amp and truthfully I don't know the difference.
I got the amp because I bought the Head-Direct RE1.

This is my first time and I really can't tell the difference with the amp on and the amp off. Except for the fact the amp makes it louder.

I have a Sony NWZ-A729. It utilizes the CS43L21 Chipset. A single solution combining amp and DAC.

CS43L21 Chipset Spec
46mW Power into Stereo 16 headphon @ 1.8 V
88mW Power into Stereo 16 headphon @ 2.5 V

NWZ-A729 Spec
5mW (But I think they dont properly spec it)

I have grado SR60 which sound spectacular on the Sony. The grados sounded flat on Samsung P2(15mW) I own. I definitely think the Sony's are pumping out alot more than 5mW.

I have experience with quite a lot of headphones and MP3s, I can tell the difference.

The RE1 after a bit of burn in sound better but they are not as spectacular as the reviews written.

Why can I not hear any difference using the FIIO E5? The RE1 don't sound anymore different with the amp and without. There isn't a difference with my SR60 amped and without.
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