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Help Another 'my mp3 player sorrows' thread

Hello all,
In recent months I've done a fair bit of surfing through the abi site, forums as well as other websites as part of my quest for a new music player.
I'm looking for the basic stuff really:
- All my music is mp3 or wav so don't need much support, although I've heard a lot about FLAC here and if I got a player with decent memory I might start ripping CD's in that.
- 16+ gigs
- I prefer touch screen
- Dixv and Xvid support is very important
The Samsung M1 looks like the best thing for me. Awesome AMOLED screen, decent size to, Divx support and a lot of little widgets and stuff which I'm a sucker for. Thing is although I'm in the UK and not America there still is no word on its release here.
This makes me think I should get something different.
Samsung P3 does look nice, but its already a bit outdate.
Cowon S9 is OK, but it's expensive and doesn't have as many features as the M1.
Zune HD technically isn't out here and although I could probably import it, it's almost as locked down as an iPod.
Anyway, to try to get to my actual question. My options as I see them are:
- Forget M1 and go for the Cowon or even the P3
- Buy something cheap or moderately cheap such as a Sansa player or I was even thinking stretching my budget and getting a 75 Samsung R1 16GB, or even going to 100 and getting a 16GB P3 as a temporary player.
- Get an mp3 playing phone
I've thought about this a few times but never really done research for it because its very difficult to find any reviews and stuff, but I was wondering if anyone had any opinions on a phone that has a really decent mp3 player. I know the sony walkmans are advertised as music phones, or maybe the Samsung Jet or Omnia 2 [don't know if most of you will have heard about these because you might not have them in the states], or one of the Nokia phones, like the 5800 XpressMusic or the X6 [again; might not know these?]
So... opinons?
Cheers in advance
I'm currently using a 1GB iPod shuffle
For a replacement I'm thinking:
Samsung YP-M1
Viliv P3
A decent music phone maybe?
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