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Default Harddrive Replacement On 60gb Zen Xtra Nomad

A couple years ago I bought a 60gb Creative Zen Xtra Nomad Jukebox on eBay. It served
me well til last week, but one day i picked it up and gave it a small static discharge/shock
It was on and playing at the time, it rebooted and went into 'Re-Building Library' mode
where it basically locked up. I never could get it to do anything there - even resetting
(and removing the battery as well) it would just go back to the same screen (where it
would sit and do nothing) i eventually went into Rescue Mode and re-formatted.

To make a long story short, I believe the player itself is ok, but think its harddrive was
damaged (I can load a very limited number of mp3's before it starts giving errors, (and it
will play those), also the drive makes this little spring-like clicking-type sound when
booting up, shutting down, and randomly when playing.

My main questions are -
1) Since this is a fairly old player it even worth fixing?

2) How hard is it to replace the drive in one of these? (taking apart looks easy enough
from the post i saw here on abi) But is it fairly simple like replacing one in a laptop or
desktop computer? (I've done that plenty of times) - do you just install new drive and
format? & maybe re-install firmware?? (or is there something more involved)?

3) Do i have to use the exact same model drive to make it work (easily that is)? -- i see
posts where users have installed larger drives i'm not looking to do anything complicated
here...just *try* to revive the player.
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