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Default M1 Problem thread

Having a official problem thread for M1 is good posting all problems here.

Problems i had today with M1.

1. M1 do not turn on clicking about 10 times
then i pressed volume (-) and On/off switch and it turned on
but after I notice pressing hard ON m1 WON'T turn on
I have to press softly (bot not so softly it go hold)
Could this be a problem with the buttoms
i don't remember having this problem before
M1 is new just 2 weeks old and used 3 times only

2. I had put M1 on hold and had it in my pocket
i leaned forward to put something in the trash can
when i hear the sound of M1 turning off
5 seconds after it turned on by itself (volume was lower as it use to be)
I check my pocket and Hold switch was off

I had my mobile phone in same pocket as M1
did mobile phone press the hold button then press it again to turn off
then again to turn it on? (If so hold button is useless and Hold-switch is needed)

Or..... was this because is cold here
is 4C+ outside in spain
Or are theese a error/bug

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