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Default YP-T9 won't accept new firmware!

I've been trying to upgrade my firmware on a model YP-T9JABY/XAA. This started when my player went into usb mode (I don't know why except a lot of buttons were pressed by a new case that was too tight).

Anyway after some investigation, I did a low level format and tried to find the latest firmware to use. Unfortunately, none of the websites specifically mentioned my model except for an older version (1.24). So I downloaded this and the reformat worked fine - but there's a major problem with this version - audiobooks hiccup and stutter when playing. Music plays fine, but I listen to books most of the time. More investigation and found that I needed version 1.68 or higher to correct this problem.

Finally I decided to try using version 1.72 even though wasn't specific to my model (most YP-T9's use this) and successfully downloaded the file and copied the SYSDATA and MUON files onto my player - but now the problem.

When I disconnect the player from my laptop, it doesn't say formatting and in fact hasn't done the update. It just stays at version 1.24! And I've tried several different versions (1.72, 1.60, and 1.80). I also tried an additional low level format to remove the version 1.24 and then copied the version 1.72 files onto the blank player. This time when I disconnected the player and turned it on, it appeared to format (said "formatting" on the display) but then when I tried the player all I got was the word SAMSUNG, and nothing else - the format did not work. I've spent hours on this (even called Samsung - that was a joke) - so I'm desperate. Can anyone help?
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