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Old 01-06-2010, 02:43 AM
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Default Thinking of buying this seemingly amazing player but some advice would be nice.

Okay, sorry if this is a long or pointless post but I'd like some advice as to whether or not the 16GB Cowon S9 is right for me. Thanks in advance.

I've recently been working hard and got some money. I was first going to buy a laptop but I already have a desktop and it will blow my budget completely so I'd have to borrow. >.< Then I was looking at fancy media devices and found this. Currently I use my Philips GoGear SA3345 which I've had for nearly two years, and I still love. However, I guess I'd like to update and I love the looks (& sounds) of the S9 but should I? Considering my player is still working. Mine is 4GB, a tiny amount of room and I need lots more.

Info about whole situation. I'm female and 17 years old, nearly a university student. I'm not particularly a fan of ipods so I naturally discovered ABI. Ipods, seem to me, over advertised and popular in-thing that’s seemly set the 'standard.' For example when allowed to listen to music in class a teacher would say "You can use your ipods." Not a mp3/4 device? Does that mean I can't use mine? *sigh*

I think some ipod features and stuff (etc.) are cool but are missing some stuff I really like/want. Like a text/document reader (Very important and handy, for me), Voice recorder (Again, useful and used a lot) and Radio (Don't use as often as I'd like but still cool). But most importantly its the MUSIC and VIDEO quality etc. that I use most and is a significant part of my life. So I hear that the music and video quality etc on Cowon S9 is beyond anything and superior? This is good. I also listened to my sisters Samsung T10 and the sound quality difference was incredibly good! It wasn't the headphones, we tried different kinds, it was the player that gave good sound. Was it a good sound player, so the sound on S9 is mind blowing?

I've read and looked at tons of different reviews etc. for this player and liked the sounds, bar clashing impressions, but wanted to get your personal opinion as to best player for me, your experiences and love this player?

My Dad and one of my friends have the ipod touch and I was playing around on that. I like touch devices. The internet on the touch was wonderful and awesome but compared to losing all the features above (text etc) that are not in ipods, I don't want to lose. o.O If that made any sense. Also, I don't use itunes, at all. Or Macs, I'm a Windows girl. So the limitations of an ipod annoy me slightly. Cowon is drag and drop, freely usable? Oh and the photos/pictures are great too.

What is the flash stuff like? Is there much apps etc around? As a computer and Technology savvy and loving girl; I'm a website, media and graphic designer, would it be a good player? I love customizing and personalizing, so wallpapers etc is good.

It's $480 NZD at my local retailer, I'm still nervous and not sure. What do you think? Thankyou. - I might add more later, because I have a really I'm missing a few things.

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