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Cool Sync issues, file duplicates

Upon receiving my Cowon S9, I used to Windows Media Player first to sync my music to my S9. However, I have found WMP very unorganized. It has so many flaws, therefore I switched over to MediaMonkey and instantly like it better. It's a lot more user friendly compared to WMP and the Cowon Jetaudio software. But I have run into a problem. I've no clue how to delete music from the S9, so I have double of every song from syncing it with WMP and MediaMonkey. Does anyone know how to fix this?
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In mediamonkey settings for the device (right click the device in the tree view on the left and choose options OR tools\options\portable devices (near the bottom)\select your device and click configure) there is a tab called auto sync options. Tick the box that says delete tracks that aren't on the auto sync list from the device. Sync again and it should delete the duplicates (I would recommend ticking the box for "confirm deletion" in the auto sync options, this will show a list of tracks that will be deleted during sync so you can check there's nothing on the list that you want to keep).
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Thread title changed from "Cowon S9 help?" to something useful.
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My workaround is to just get into the player via my computer or whatever and delete. pretty easy but requires a re-sync.
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classic example of mtp mode troubles.
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